24/7 Expert Water Damage Removal, Fire Damage Restoration Encinitas, CA

Are you facing a home or business damage disaster in Encinitas? Call Christian Brothers Restoration for prompt and truly professional services. We’re equipped to deal with mold removal, water damage removal, flood restoration, and fire damage repair. We also hold a general contractor’s license so we can tackle the full spectrum of all necessary repairs. Unlike many others in these areas, we’re certified experts in over 20 areas and have a sterling reputation.
Christian Brothers Restoration is family owned and operated since 1980. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured. Throughout the years we have built an impeccable reputation and have excellent references. Our A+ BBB rating, reputable affiliations such as IICRC, Cleaning and Restoration Association, Carpet and Fabric Care Institute combined with our 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Awards makes us the best water and fire damage restoration company to call in Encinitas, California.

Whether it’s mold remediation, water damage repair, or fire damage remediation, immediate action is necessary to prevent additional damage. Insurance companies require that this work be done by well qualified and licensed professionals, otherwise part or even all of your claim may be denied. We work directly with numerous insurance companies to make sure everything meets their conditions. Christian Brothers Restoration is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we offer a free on site inspection.

Encinitas Water Damage Removal Services

Whether from a broken pipe, plumbing backup, or a leaky roof, water damage repairs need to be performed promptly and professionally to avoid further problems and expenses. The first step is extracting water from carpets and furniture. Christian Brothers uses the best in truck-mounted equipment; a shop-vac just isn’t going to do it. Next we use the latest equipment and technologies to thoroughly dry out the building and contents. Our refrigerant dehumidifiers work 2 to 3 times faster than ventilation and heat methods, minimizing mold growth and similar problems. Finally, we complete our water damage removal service by deodorizing and disinfecting.

Mold Removal and Mold Remediation

Also called mildew, mold is a growth that appears as a fuzzy discoloration in areas that are frequently moist. Black mold is considered the most hazardous to health, but there are many different types and colors. Each has its own ideal growing conditions and may require a special mold remediation approach. None of them require any sunlight to grow; they feed off building materials, carpet, and so on. All they really need is moisture. That means they might be in hidden areas, even inside your walls.
Mold removal needs to be taken care of quickly and thoroughly for two reasons. First, it produces spores that become airborne and are often a health hazard. Your family or employees may have a strong allergic reaction, or just experience coughing, congestion, or eye irritation. Any of these have the potential to develop into more serious health problems. Secondly, it gradually damages room finishes and eventually even wall, floor, and ceiling materials. Under the right conditions a small problem can become a major problem in a matter of days here in humid Encinitas.
Taking care of a mold problem is not for amateurs. Legally required protection measures are needed to protect worker and prevent spores from spreading. Plus, you’ll want to be certain that the problem is completely resolved, and that the right measures have been taken to keep it from reoccurring

Encinitas Flood Restoration

Flood restoration requires special attention and technical capabilities beyond more common water damage restoration. Pumping is often required to remove the last of the floodwater. Then it’s important to fully understand the source of the water, and any chemical or biological contaminates it may have picked up from nearby or even faraway facilities. These may require special remediation techniques. By the time water’s finally recede there’s likely to be major mold problems, including under floors and inside walls.

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

Fire damage may seem pretty obvious, but smoke damage is insidious. Traveling well beyond the fire itself, smoke can often fill an entire home or reach areas you never would have expected. It penetrates into floors and walls over time, so that if not treated quickly and completely the odor can linger for years. And the problems go well beyond odor. Smoke is corrosive and can damage possessions, and may also contain poisonous toxins. Further, different types fires (such as hot versus smoldering) produce different types of smoke that may require special treatment. “Soda blasting” has been the standard method for smoke removal in Encinitas; we also offer the latest in dry ice blasting for smoke removal.
Firefighting may mean you’ll also need water damage repair and perhaps even mold remediation. Our certifications in numerous specialties combined with our general contracting capabilities means that we can deal with all aspects of fire damage repair, including structural repairs. We start with a comprehensive inspection and damage inventory, and continue all the way through to disposal of hazardous materials.

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