Washing Machine Water Damage

Five thousand, three hundred and eight.  Yep, $5,308!  That is the average cost of a washing machine water damage failures.  The worst part is that your washing machine will rarely display any symptoms of an impending problem.  And there is a good reason why.  The problem is not the washing machine but what it is hiding.  Insurance company data reveals that over half of water damage claims are traced back to one item.

A filling supply hose resting behind your washing machine.

We’ve seen all sorts of washing machine water hoses burst, cut, and ruptured.  In most cases, significant water damage followed.  If you have the misfortune of experiencing water damage from a washing machine inlet hose failure, give Christian Brothers Restoration a call at (619)-469-8955.

Causes of Washing Machine Hose Failure

There are several causes for this problem, but the most common is when the hose gets pinched during the installation.  It works for years but eventualities happen. Sometimes problems occur during the replacement process when hairline cracking is possible if the part is not handled correctly.  We’ve even seen where a newly purchased hose is faulty because it has sat on a shelf for years and has deteriorated.

Hoses for washing machines are high-flow, meaning they can output more than 600 gallons of water in an hour. As the hose ages, its ability to withstand those pressures erodes. Hoses, which are sold in pairs, have an average costs of about $30. In a later post, we’ll discuss a full study about the different types and their qualities (we’ll even share our knowledge about the supposedly “burst proof” hoses).  In the meantime, call us if you want a professional opinion about which type is best for your home.

It only takes a few minutes to check the supply hose behind your washing machine, but doing so can save you a lot of heartache.  We suggest you do so at least twice a year to protect your home.