The Benefits of Having 24/7 Water Damage Services Nearby

Water damage is a costly proposition. Drywall replacement alone can run you around $1500 or more. Of course, depending on the cause and extent of the damage, the costs can run significantly higher.

After all, you’ll likely notice a pipe bursting and spraying water everywhere. What if your roof develops a leak, though? It’s more common than you’d expect and accounts for a lot of construction lawsuits.

That kind of water infiltration can go on for a long time before you notice.

When you find yourself with water damage on your hands, though, there are several advantages to having 24/7 water damage services nearby. Keep reading to discover them.


When you face a sudden bout of flooding, from pipes bursting or drains backing up, getting the emergency under control is a priority. Once you get the cause of the leak or flooding under control, speed is often a crucial factor in minimizing the extent of the water damage.

With 24/7 services nearby, you can get a professional on the job day or night. Getting a pro on the job even five or six hours faster can go a long way toward avoiding excessive mildew and mold.

Reduces Costs

The sooner you get water damage home services on the job, the less you’ll pay in total costs. Addressing the problem fast means saving more of your belongings. It also means reducing the amount of your home infrastructure they’ll need to tear out.

For example, flooding will often leave sheetrock in a bad state. If you can address the problem quickly, though, you can often save the 2″x4″s underneath that sheetrock.

With supply chain problems driving up the costs of building materials and consumer goods, everything you can save is critical to cost management.

Restore Your Routines Faster

Flooding or other types of water damage disrupt your life and your routines. You must remain available for decisions. That’s to say nothing of the fact that you must often live elsewhere while repairs happen for your own health.

Services that you can call when you need them means that you get back to your normal life as fast as possible.


Most homeowner’s insurance policies make some provisions for water damage, particularly emergency water damage. The catch is that you must file a claim and provide supporting paperwork.

A good water damage service will often help you with documentation that backs up your claims with your insurance company.

24/7 Water Damage Services and You

While no homeowner wants the hassles of plumbing problems or flooding, those problems may still come knocking on your door. Having 24/7 water damage services nearby provide you with some key advantages.

You get professionals on the job faster, which can help mitigate the scope of the damage. A fast response can also help you keep total costs down for repairs and for replacing personal belongings.

You get back to your life faster and often get help with paperwork.

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