Signs Your Home Has Hidden Water Damage

Water damage should never go ignored, even if you think it’s not directly affecting you. It can allow mold to grow, which is harmful to your health. Water may also cause severe property damage and even injuries.

Unfortunately, a water leak isn’t always visible. There could be water damage behind walls or damage underneath your floorboards. It’s difficult to notice before something rots or breaks.

Here are some of the many signs that your home has hidden water damage you need to take care of.

Water Spots and Cracks

One of the most obvious signs of water damage is if you see spots or cracks on your wall. These will also appear like stains or discoloration with drywall.

If you spot any spots or cracks, then that could mean a leaky roof or leaking pipes. It also means that the water damage has continued for long enough to seep through your walls. Left untended, sections of your roof, wall, and even floor can become compromised and weakened.

Visible Mold

There’s a chance that mold will develop on walls or ceilings with water damage. Mold loves to grow on damp surfaces and may look furry, black, and even have specks of different colors.

While you can clean away the mold and perform regular maintenance to limit its growth, water damage will continue to encourage regrowth. In addition, breathing in mold spores can cause allergic reactions and harm those with weakened immune systems.

Peeling Paint

A big sign that there is hidden water damage behind walls is if your paint or wallpaper begins to peel off. This happens when the water messes with the adhesion to drywall and sheetrock.

If your walls are peeling, then that means the water has already penetrated through them. There could be much more substantial damage beyond what you can see.

Musty Smells

Not every sign is a visible one. In some cases, you may smell something musty in the air before you see spots or discoloration.

Musty smells are caused by dampness and mold. You may notice these smells coming out of vents or in certain rooms of your house. Make sure to find the source of this moisture before it develops into more serious water damage.

Warped Surfaces

Wood and drywall are prone to warping when they get wet. The moisture compromises their structural integrity and can cause them to bend due to stress. It’s most dangerous if you have warped wood floors that could break or rot away.

Call In for Home Repairs

By the time you notice water damage in your house, it may be too late. Treat it like the emergency it is and call in for professionals to take a look at the problem. Hopefully, the problem isn’t too widespread and can be contained.

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