Signs of Water Damage on Ceiling

Water damage on your ceiling causes an array of problems beyond its own damage. It could be caused by natural storms like hurricanes or even a home water leak. Water damage insurance claims are even on the rise.

If you have water damage, you need to move fast. Otherwise, it might be lasting damage or more difficult to get rid of later.

Here are some common signs of water damage on ceilings.

You Smell It

Water damage mold or mildew smells nasty and musty. If you’re smelling this, it’s a sign that there is water damage.

You’ll need to continue looking for the source of the water damage to help you clear up any unwanted smells.

It’s Discolored

Look for dark spots. Those are a big indicator of water damage on ceilings.

It might also look like streaks of dried water on your ceiling. This is usually because something, like a gutter or a pipe, has overflowed and began leaking. Check your gutters and do any needed replacements

Is It Leaking?

If there’s water leaking or dripping down, making small pools or puddles, then it’s a clear sign of water damage on your ceiling.

The water damage on the ceiling is only one small part of a whole. Usually, the water came from somewhere. If it leaks through the ceiling into your house, you’ll need to do some minor ceiling replacement.

There’s Mold

If you see mold growing, you’ve definitely got water damage. Rooms like bathrooms can have mold growing. Since the bathroom is an area that has a lot of moisture in it, it shouldn’t be too concerning.

However, if you see mold growing on your ceiling, you need to peel back the caulk to begin water damage restoration.

The Paint is Peeling

Peeling paint is another sign you might have water damage on your ceiling. Make sure you look for the source of the water damage too.

If the paint is bubbling, this is also a sign that there is water damage. Take early action to investigate how your paint reacts to the water damage on your ceiling.

Missing or Misshapen Roof Shingles

If you’re missing any roof shingles, this might be another indicator of why there’s water damage on your ceiling. Missing shingles or any deformed shingles leave room for rain and snow to leak through the roof.

You’ll need to replace these roof shingles to prevent further water from coming in due to weather events, and you can also call on water restoration experts to help you.

Other Signs of Water Damage On Ceiling to Look Out For

The sound of running water, an extra high water bill, or outdated pipes could be other signs of water damage on your ceiling. Be sure to stay vigilant, but don’t panic.

Dealing with water damage is frustrating and overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help! Check out our water damage removal services for the San Diego area.

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