Remain Safe During Wildfires

The latest Wildfire presents an emergency that displays how quickly fires can erupt during dry seasons.  Over the years, we at Christian Brothers Restoration have had firsthand experience in the destructive nature of wildfire to property.  Property can be restored or rebuilt if it is lost.  Life cannot.  Therefore, we would like to admonish our community to take every precaution necessary to remain safe during wildfires.  Please refer to the following tips to protect your life and those of your loved ones.

Beware of Air Quality – Fire is obviously dangerous, but smoke actually kills and injures more people than fire does.  Smoke carries dangerous toxins that can irritate eyes and damage lungs.  Smoke diffuses into the air and can greatly reduce air quality.  Dangerous air quality levels are especially harmful to infants, elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems.

Prepare a Wildfire Emergency Kit – If the authorities require you to evacuate, you should be prepared.  However, if a fire erupts nearby with little time to react, a wildfire emergency kit is essential to survive.  Gather the items listed here to ensure that you are prepared for the worst.

Our firefighters are among the best in the world.  Their efforts are heroic, selfless, and rendered in the face of danger.  Our personal thanks go out to these firefighters and their families who serve to protect the greater good.  Let us all do our part in support of them by working along with them and preventing future fires.

Have you and your family experienced fire or smoke damage to you home?  Allow us to help.  We understand how wildfires can disrupt your life and cause anxiety.  Christian Brothers Restoration is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We proudly furnish emergency restoration services to victims of all types of disasters.