Water Damage Restoration Chula Vista, California


Completed 11/08/2017

Location Chula Vista, California


Reasons For The Project

A main water pipe broke.Water lines were 18 inches high on the walls. We did the water mitigation, contents, and the repairs.

Project Details

We were able to locate two clogged storm drains to help alleviate the water. Two to three more crews arrived to help us clean and extract. There was no power in any of the rooms on the first floor because the water had risen higher than power outlets so we could not set equipment. We were able to clean the thick mud the front courtyard and the entryway to the bottom floor. C- base was removed in all rooms to allow for ventilation. Applied antimicrobial. Pack out tomorrow. Began demo in the entryway in the front of the building, as well as in the library, the church office room, the workroom, the storage room, and two offices. We continued demo in the elevator lobby areas, the office hallways, and two of the offices. The drywall and insulation in the office hallways were very wet, and we even found considerable amounts of standing water inside the wall cells when we opened up the walls. We removed the carpet in the hallway and part of the carpet in two of the offices. Pressure washed in front entryway through the library, the work office, church office, storage room, printing room, and Mrs. Fusion’s room. Our repairs division replace drywall, baseboards, panel modules, cabinets, and carpet.

Project Gallery

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