Water Damage Repair Rancho Santa Fe, California


Completed 02/17/2015

Client David B.

Location Rancho Santa Fe, California



"Had bad water damage. They came out fast and dried it out quick. Friendly and professional service too."

This loss was caused by a refrigerator supply line that had been leaking most likely for a while.
Once we were onsite, it was determined there was visible mold throughout the cabinets, moisture in the walls and the dining rooms adjacent to the kitchen as well.
As a result of the loss, a majority of the cabinets were removed, drywall 2 – 4 ft tall cut out and some tile was removed.
Once the water/mold remediation was complete we met with Chubb, the insurance co for this loss and put together a repair estimate and scope to put the homeowner back together.
However, the insured decided to take advantage of the situation and do a complete remodel on the kitchen.
The new kitchen entailed moving of soffits to allow taller cabinets, moving of electrical and addition of pendant lights, closing off a doorway to the hallway to allow more cabinet area, new cabinets, stone countertops, plumbing and most appliances.
The homeowner was extremely happy with the work and had us remodel the master bath as well.

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