How Long Does Mold Take to Grow After Water Damage?

Molds can produce irritants, allergens, and toxic substances. For this reason and more, you should want to keep it out of your home. It can be difficult to do this after your home has experienced water damage.

The next best thing is to learn how to prevent mold after water damage and do so. Part of this is learning the answer to ‘how long does Mold take to grow after water damage’. Then you can make sure you are well prepared in time to fight mold after water damage.

To learn more about water damage mold and prevention, read on.

How Long Does Mold Take to Grow After Water Damage?

It doesn’t take very long for mold to start growing after a flood. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that this process takes only one to two days. The actual time depends, however, on the light, temperature, and surfaces present in your home.

Either way, it’s best to start cleaning and drying all surfaces in your home after water damage occurs. In cases of extreme flooding, though, you may be unable to reach your home before the floodwaters recede. This doesn’t mean that you should give up and not take any action at all.

How to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Mold thrives in specific conditions. If you eliminate these from your home, you can inhibit the mold’s growth. Research what makes mold thrive and prepare your home accordingly.

For example, mold likes a wet, humid, and hot environment. Turning up your home’s air conditioner and ventilating your home will make the environment dry and cold. Also, be sure to remove all the water from your home.

How to Check for Mold After Water Damage

It can take as little as 12 days to see water damage and mold spores in your home. After you’ve taken the preventative steps, check certain places for mold growth. Organic surfaces such as wood should be checked most often as mold loves them.

However, there are many possible mild locations you may not know about or can’t reach. For this reason, it’s best to hire water damage restoration experts to inspect and repair your home.

How to Clean Mold After Water Damage

If you don’t see a lot of mold after water damage, you can probably handle it yourself. There are many guides online that can show you how to do this. However, if there’s a significant amount of mold growth, hiring an expert is the best course of action.

If Your Home Has Mold And/Or Water Damage, We Can Help

It may be difficult to do all that you can to eliminate mold from your home. You may even have to throw out some items that you’ve cherished for a long time. However, your health should take priority over everything else.

Also, if your home has mold and/or water damage issues, contact us and we’ll respond 24/7. We’re a family-owned business that has served our San Diego community since 1980. Using the over 80 years of collective experience our crew has, we will definitely work to your satisfaction.