Handling Smoke Damage Effectively

Smoke is very pervasive!  It spread s quickly and long after it is gone, it’s smell lingers.  In cases of home fires, one of the main problems with cleanup and restoration is smoke damage.  Why?  Smoke spreads fast and its remnants settle into places that hard to reach and clean.  If you have experienced a fire in your home and need to have the effects of smoke damage removed, call Christian Brothers Restoration today (619) 469-8955.  The fast you act the easier it will be to remove traces of smoke in your home.  After you call, here are some things that you can do to help speed up the process.

Ventilate the Area

Immediately after a fire is extinguished (and it is safe to be in your home), try to ventilate your home.  Doing so will allow much of the smoke to escape from your home and invite fresh air in.  This will help to minimize smoke damage.  Open your all doors and windows, but turn off your HVAC system because it will only transfer smoke throughout your home.  If you have central heating and air conditioning, close the vents in each room so that smoke does not enter into your vents.  Use fans near windows and doors to help ventilation.  Try using a vacuum cleaning nozzle/brush where any collections of soot have accumulated. Be careful not to press the nozzle down to firmly on the soot, instead hold it just above it to avoid staining.

Existing or extensive smoke damage requires the use of specialized equipment and techniques to remove.  Therefore, it is best to allow a trained professional to tackled a large amount of smoke damage.  Christian Brothers Restoration is certified and has trained technicians to help with this. Our team stays abreast of the latest methods and standards for restorations of all types including smoke and fire damage.  Call us today for assistance!