Flat Roofs Are Havens For Toxic Mold

Flat roofs are often associated with the Adobe brick and Mediterranean-styled residences in southern California. Several businesses also utilize flat roofs where commercial grade air conditioners are situated. Although stylish and useful, flat roofs in the southwest have a higher percentage of corrosion and water leaks. Subsequently, these leaks give rise to toxic mold incubation. Let’s see why this occurs.

Causes of Flat Roof Mold

The reasons why mold is often found on structures with flat roofs usually has to do with one or a combination of three situations.

  1. Temperatures in southern California soar and the number of sunny days wreaks havoc upon roofing materials. Over time tiny cracks increase in size allowing rain water to have access to sub-roof levels. These sub-roof levels begin to harbor moisture which enables mold to grow.
  2. If roof gutters get clogged, rain water collects on the roof where pooling occurs. As long as the gutter continue to be clogged the rain water will rest upon the roof. Some of the water evaporates, but some of it is absorbed by the roofing material and seeps into sub-roof areas.
  3. Businesses and residences that store their air conditioning units on the roof can experience mold growth due to water from the units. Any clogs in condensation drain lines or cracks in drain pans, can offer mold a steady supply of water.

Home and business owners with flat roofs should be especially diligent in getting their roofs inspected annually. Doing so can prevent major mold remediation and removal operations. If you are experiencing roof leaks call a professional immediately. Even after the roof had been fixed, be sure to check for toxic mold growth.
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