Common Questions After A Home or Business Fire

It is not uncommon for a business or homeowner to have questions after experiencing a fire to their property for over 20 years. Christian Brothers Emergency Building Services has given satisfying answers to our neighbor concerning damage restoration—including fires.  Below are some of the most common questions and their answers.

What Is Different About My Fire Damage?

Sometimes people make the mistake of assuming that all fires are the same.  There are significant differences between fire types.  The materials that ignite during a fire have varying properties that result in cleaning and restoration challenges.  Here’s a residue reference by material type:

  • Natural Substances. Smoke-derived from naturally occurring substances is easily transferable.  The burnt particles range in size, but the smaller particles (as little as .004 microns) carry smoke odors.  Such is why unharmed areas or items that appear to be clean can have a smoky smell.
  • Protein Substances. Protein burned substances have lipids which result in grease stains, splatter, and smoke residue.  Specialty cleanup methods and equipment is necessary to remove this residue completely.
  • Synthetic Substances. Plastic and its derivatives tend to smear when burned.  While heated these materials become sticky making them painstaking to remove.  Conversely, when plastics cool after fire damage they are disposed to binding to other materials.

Is It Possible To Inspect My House Safely After The Fire?

Once you call the Fire Department or hire a fire restoration specialist, they are legally bound to restrict you from the site.  They will need an inspector to clear the fire site for safety reasons and only they can legally allow others onto the property.

What Should I Do After Large Amounts Of Water Was Required To Extinguish The Fire?

Initially, you have two options if the damage is extensive.  First, you can call a professional restoration service provider.  Preferably it is best to hire one that is certified by the IICRC so that you are sure that they will follow industry protocols regarding your property.  Alternatively, while you await the arrival of a professional you can begin a few things (if the premises is safe to enter).  If you wish, try the following:

  • Use high-powered fans to remove residual smoke from your property. You can rent them from the hardware store.
  • Attempt to remove as much water as possible from your home.
  • If you have carpeting that is completely submerged with water, it may be wise to remove it.
  • Apply oil, a light grease, or petroleum jelly to metal items to prevent rusting.
  • Make use of commercial-grade dehumidifiers to mitigate and prevent mold growth.
  • Take plenty of pictures for insurance purposes and do not throw items away immediately.

There are many more questions that we will consider in future blogs.  If you require immediate assistance, contact us by calling the number below.

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