5 Signs That You May Have Foundation Water Damage

According to surveys, water damage is the second most common home insurance claim. As a result, water damage claims average $11,098 annually.

Water damage can do a lot of harm to your property and is not always obvious to spot. Water damage left untreated can become costly repair work further down the line. Knowing the signs of foundation water damage is the best way to avoid this.

So, if you’re concerned about your home’s foundation, keep reading. Here are five signs that you may have foundation water damage.

1. Cracks in Your Foundation

One of the more obvious first signs of foundation water damage is cracks in the walls. But they will only sometimes be large and noticeable and can also present as tiny hairline cracks that are less obvious.

It’s essential to note that not all cracks signify water damage. An excellent way to distinguish whether it’s a severe crack is to note the direction in which it travels. Horizontal cracks typically indicate a more serious foundation issue; you should have it inspected.

2. Dampness or Moisture

If you notice that your home’s foundation is wet all the time, it may indicate internal deterioration causing water to seep through. This can cause mold and mildew to form, which can harm your family and pets.

If you notice any areas on your foundation that have fungi or mold growing, contact a specialist to inspect them immediately.

3. Discoloration and Bubbling of the Walls

If water gets into your walls, you can often spot it occurring by the visible marks that stain your wall. This staining is caused by the minerals forming every time the wall dries. You need to ensure the stains are from water damage and are not actually mold growth, which can look similar.

If your paintwork has bubbles forming underneath, it can also signify water damage in your foundation. Have any discoloration and bubbles checked by a qualified inspector.

4. Leaning Walls

Foundation water damage can cause the soil your foundation is built upon to displace. When this happens, your foundation can shift, which will cause your walls to lean. The degree of the lean depends on the amount of damage to the soil.

If this happens to a load-bearing wall, it could be hazardous. This is because the walls can become unstable and have the risk of collapsing. If you see any leaning walls, contact a professional to quote you on foundation work.

5. Sticking Doors and Windows

Another sign that piggybacks off the leaning walls is if your doors or windows are sticking. While this can happen to some windows and doors when the temperature gets too high or low, it can also indicate a lean in your walls, causing them to stick.

Windows that don’t close properly can bring forward several issues, like leaking air, moisture, and security issues. It’s best to call a foundation expert to come and assess if you have foundation damage.

Check for Foundation Water Damage Today

Understanding the signs of foundation water damage can save you a lot of money. If you spot the warning signs early enough, you can have them attended to by a foundation repair company before you have to do extensive, costly foundation repairs.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a company to assess your foundation issues. We specialize in water damage cleanup and restoration services, and service all of San Diego County with a 24/7 immediate response.