Water Damage Removal and Restoration Imperial Beach, California

When you’re facing an Imperial Beach home or business disaster it’s a really tough time.  You want everything fixed and your life back to normal as soon as possible.  But you also want experienced professionals on the scene as soon as possible.  Why?  Without proper mitigation during the critical first 24-48 hours you will likely experience even more destruction from lingering water and smoke.  And that deterioration won’t be covered by insurance if the right steps haven’t been taken.  That’s the reason why Christian Brothers has certified technicians on call 24/7 for expert fire damage repair, flood restoration, mold remediation, and water damage removal. We can be at your Imperial Beach location right away, any time of the night or day, for a free on-site inspection.

Christian Brothers

We’ve made a name for ourselves as a local leader though consistent dependability, technical excellence, and outstanding customer care since 1980.  With over 35 years of experience we’ve restored numerous residential and commercial buildings as well as their contents.  In addition to our company being fully insured, bonded, and licensed our technicians hold numerous certifications from IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification, www.iicrc.com).  Combined with our extensive array of state-of-the-art top-quality equipment they provide the best in Imperial Beach cleaning and damage removal.  And we don’t stop there.  We’ll work directly with your insurance company to save you time, hassle, and worry and our affordable rates are a great help to those without applicable insurance.  For 5 years running we’ve won Angie’s List Super Service Award, and you’ll have our “Make It Right” satisfaction guarantee.

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Flood Restoration

Despite the beach location, most flooding in Imperial Beach is from plumbing issues or a damaged roof.  Our flood restoration services begin with pump-out and sewage cleanup.  No surprise, anything involving a sewer backup requires special worker protection and sanitization.  But did you know that even clean water (from, say a burst water heater or broken pipe) becomes a hazard after 24 hours?  So we’ll dispatch certified experts along with our water damage restoration experts.

Water Damage Removal in Imperial Beach

Throughout the United States water damage removal is one of the leading homeowner insurance claims.  What might seem like a minor problem can quickly get ought of hand, or you might not realize the extent of harm until weeks later when it’s too.  Water soaks deeply into just about any porous material such as wood or sheet rock.  From there it will cause progressive disintegration, warping, swelling, and so on that can become significant in just a couple of days.  Yet damaging moisture deep in the structure can last for weeks.  So rapid dry out is essential for a minimum of demolition and water damage repair.

Our extra-thorough water extraction gear saves 1-2 days of drying time over our competition, and we follow that with specialized refrigerant dehumidifiers to pull out every last bit of excess moisture as quickly as possible.  We may also employ our TES directed heat units for drying that is 2 to 3 times faster than ventilation alone.  With frequent monitoring, we’ll continue operations until structural dry out is absolutely complete and follow up with disinfection and odor neutralization.

Imperial Beach Mold Remediation

Given moisture mold can become a major problem in as little as 24-48 hours.  There are many species.  Some are highly toxic, while others aren’t.  But they all can cause damage, especially to sheetrock and wood, and lead to very serious health issues.  They actually prefer the dark, so that the bulk of a problem can be completely hidden from view under carpeting or inside a wall.  Since insurance typically doesn’t cover mold damage you’ll definitely want to get any suspicions checked out sooner rather than later.

In addition to health and safety concerns, mold spreads easily through invisible spores that float great distances through the air.  So approved mold removal companies such as Christian Brothers must carefully follow a checklist of procedures such as isolation with plastic sheeting, negative-pressure exhaust fans, HEPA filters for even microscopic particles, and complete worker protection.  The actual mold removal may be one or more of several methods such as chem-wipes, wire brushing, sanding, and HEPA vacuuming.  Many porous materials such as sheet rock need to be completely removed, and all wastes must be considered hazardous and disposed of properly.  We’ll complete the job by applying a appropriate cleaning agent (and in rare cases a sealant) as further protection against re-growth, and neutralize those musty odors.

Fire Damage Repair

Fires are usually the most devastating and emotionally overwhelming of building catastrophes.  So it shouldn’t be surprising that fire damage repair and smoke damage restoration pose countless technical challenges.  First comes thorough inspection, assessment, and correction of safety and security matters.  Only then can debris cleanup, demolition, and restoration can proceed.  In most cases fire damage restoration will also include water damage restoration as a result of firefighting flooding.

Smoke and odor removal are particularly challenging.  Different types of fires produce different types of smoke, and all can travel throughout the building affecting walls, flooring, and furniture.  It even gets into electronics and duct-work and makes its way inside walls.  Simple washing isn’t nearly enough.  The proper choice of cleaning and restoration techniques is essential.  Moreover smoke odor compounds will soon penetrate so deeply that they can no longer be removed, so action must be prompt as well as proper.  Our special gear includes dry-ice blasters to remove smoke and char from building surfaces and soda blasting equipment to both remove char and neutralize odors.  We also have ozone and hydroxyl generators to seek out and destroy odors just about anywhere in a safe and eco-friendly manner as an important part of fire damage restoration.

Furniture and Other Contents

In addition to building restoration and reconstruction, our recovery services can take care of your furniture and other possessions.  That often involves “pack out” — moving belongings out of harms way for cleaning and other treatments.  After storage in our secure facility we’ll return them to you once our work is nearing completion.

As with all of our services pack out includes making a detailed inventory of everything, including the exact damages and treatments used.  That meets insurance company requirements and helps your peace of mind.  We can also transport and store unrecoverable items until inspection by your insurer’s adjuster.  And once again, as with all of our work the job isn’t done until all debris and wastes have been hauled away.

Imperial Beach Comfort

The southernmost beach town on the west coast, as of the as of 2010 census Imperial Beach had a population of 26,324.  It was founded in 1887 by laborers on the Hotel del Coronado, and a large number soon settled down (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Beach,_California).  The city takes it’s name from Imperial County, but not because of same weather.  On average we’re some 10 degrees cooler in summer and 10 degrees warmer in winter.  With mostly or partially sunny weather 323 days a year we’re still hit hard by storms from time to time.