Water Damage Removal and Restoration Del Mar, California

Do you need fire, flood, or water damage restoration in Del Mar, California?  Our certified technicians are on-call 24 hours a day for those situations, where every hour matters.  We provide superior smoke and fire damage restoration, flood damage removal, and mold remediation services to rescue as much of the building and your possessions as possible.  And we guarantee your satisfaction.

Christian Brothers Restoration

Our company is an insured, bonded, and licensed California contractor.  With our headquarters just a half-hour from Del Mar we provide a prompt free on-site inspection.

We’ve been on Angie’s List Super Service Award for 5 consecutive years, putting us in the top-tier of reviews and service ratings in our category.  Our technicians hold numerous IICRC certifications (the world-leader nonprofit Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_of_Inspection_Cleaning_and_Restoration_Certification).  With ongoing education and the latest technology you can count on damage restoration services being done efficiently and correctly.

Christian Brothers Cleaning and Restoration has served fine homes as well as business owners and property managers in Del Mar for over 30 years.  Our courteous professionals focus on immediate mitigation for little or no demolition.  Then we finish off repairs with premium materials and quality workmanship.

We accept countless insurance carriers, and will work with your insurance company and their local Del Mar adjusters.  We’ll bill them directly so there’s no paperwork worries for you.

Our company has received Angie’s List Super Service Award 5 years in a row; only the top 5% of companies qualify in a single year. We back that up with our guarantee of outstanding technical expertise and customer service.

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Smoke Damage and Odor Removal in Del Mar

Smoke often spreads far from the blaze itself and into cooler areas, including inside walls and other building cavities.  Smoke’s microscopic particles make their way into dresser drawers, inside electronics, and other places you might not think about.  It contains, quite literally, hundreds of compounds that are toxic, corrosive, staining, or odor-causing.  So it affects just about any material, even porcelain and glass.  In particular it penetrates into porous materials such as cloth, wood, and drywall causing those odors that linger for years.

The multitude of combinations of smoke types and the material affected calls for expert knowledge and experience and specialist cleaning.  Ordinary cleaning can actually make things worse, increasing rather than decreasing losses.  Our arsenal of special equipment includes dry-ice blasting and soda blasting gear that quickly removes smoke, soot, and char from building surfaces.  It also includes ozone generators and other unique equipment to reach and permanently neutralize odors deep within the building itself.

Flood Damage Removal

Insurance companies separate water damage covered by a homeowners policy from flood damage requiring a separate flood policy based on where the water comes from.  But the IICRC bases its categories on the degree of bio-contamination and the associated health hazards.  Category 3 such as a raw sewage backup is the worst.  But any water that has been in contact with the ground is in the same category as it’s likely filled with soil bacteria, virus, and other disease organisms.

So our flood damage removal teams go beyond flood pump-out, cleanup, and drying.  Our certified anti-microbial experts assure that cleaning, disinfecting, and odor removal are absolutely thorough.  They also mean that we properly handle sewage backups with proper containment against airborne spread along with sterilization or replacement of contaminated materials.

Water Damage Restoration

There are varying degrees of water damage, with IICRC classifications ranging from a small area of wet carpet to thoroughly soaked brick, stone, and concrete.  Roof and plumbing leaks, failed appliances, and bath tub overflows are more than enough to cause problems that mopping and wet-vacuums can’t stop.  With anything beyond small areas of wet carpet and drywall wetness will have soaked in, and significant damage such as mold, warped wood, and swelling drywall begins in as little as a single day.  Natural evaporation in Del Mar takes weeks, or even a month or more, so professional water damage removal is critical in putting a stop to all that.

Our advanced surface water extraction equipment makes a big difference, saving 1-2 days of drying time compared to the competition.  We then achieve complete structural drying in just a few days using our refrigerant dehumidifiers, powerful air movers, and TES equipment (directed thermal-electric system).  Those aggressive mitigation efforts dramatically reduce losses and repairs and get your life back to normal faster.

Mold Remediation in Del Mar

You’re probably familiar with mold’s fuzzy growth and musty odor.  But you might not know that it’s a type of fungus and doesn’t perform photosynthesis.  It thrives in the dark so that a major mold problem can be hidden out of sight beneath flooring or inside walls.  But it’s still damaging the building while releasing toxins and allergens that can lead to very serious health problems.

Our certified mold removal technicians follow IICRC standards and guidelines (http://www.iicrc.org/standards/iicrc-s520/) to keep everyone safe while providing thorough spore and mold removal.  That begins with an inspection with special instruments to detect pockets of hidden moisture, followed by proper isolation and ventilation of the affected area, mold removal using the best techniques for the particular selection, and wrapping up with proper disposal and neutralizing odors.


If you experienced heavy fire or water damage, or a tear-out due to mold was necessary, our skilled construction crews can take care of demolition and complete reconstruction.  That includes all the “building trades” such as carpentry, flooring specialists, drywall installers, window and door installation, roofing, electricians, plumbers, and so on.

Del Mar CA

Home to the rich and famous (with past and present celebrities such as Desi Arnaz, Burt Bacharach, Jimmy Durante, Tony Hawk, and Anthony Robbins), Del Mar California is known for its trails, beaches, lagoons, and wildlife reserves.  While at relatively low risk of earthquakes compared to California overall, the area experiences extreme weather events such as flooding, high winds, and wildfires.  So it’s well worth the effort for Del Mar residents and business owners to prepare for quakes and other emergencies.  You can download a PDF file with 10 important tips from https://www.delmar.ca.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/224.